Measurement Mindset

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Have A “Measurement Mindset”

Have you ever heard about this principle which comes from Dan Sullivan: the Horizon Principle.

“Have you ever stared off into the distance? May be on the beach where the sea meets the sky, or on a wide open plain where the land stretches to meet sunset? Did you ever stop to think that though we’ve internalised the idea that the horizon itself exists, in reality, if you started walking toward it, you’d never reach it? The horizon is real, but only in our minds. It’s a mental construct that can never be physically reached.”

The Horizon Principle is a metaphor for the ideals we often create in our lives could be in our carer and more…

And use to establish goals, motivate ourselves and measure our success.

However, just like the horizon, these ideals are impossible to reach because they are always shifting ahead. The result is a sense of constantly “falling short”.

In this scenario, how can we ever measure up?

The trick is looking back at the goals you’ve accomplished and celebrating your wins along the way – even the small ones!

Adopting a “measurement mindset” will shift your goal-setting experience to one of satisfaction, optimism, and confidence, rather than frustration…

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