Body’s Physical Energy #3 : Electromagnetic Fields

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Body’s Physical Energy #3 : Electromagnetic Fields

In physics, a field is a region in which each point is affected by a force.

In biology, electromagnetic fields surround each organ, with electrocardiograms (EKGs) and EEGs showing electrical activity in and around the tissue of the heart and brain, respectively.

Electromagnetic fields can also be found at the cellular level, and they can be spontaneously generated. For instance, after a wound is sustained, an electromagnetic field develops and organises cellular activity in the healing process so the body can repair itself.

Energy fields appear to direct physical changes in a way that is similar to an energy field around a cell that encourages the healing of a wound.

Harold Burr, a neuroanatomist in the Yale School of Medicine in the 1930s discovered that the electrical field surrounding an unfertilised salamander egg was shaped like a mature salamander, as though the blueprint for the adult was already within the energy field of the egg. The unfertilised egg possessed the electrical axis that would later be aligned with the brain and spinal cord.

Burr went on to discover energy fields around other organisms, including moulds, plants, frogs, and humans, and he was able to describe electrical patterns that differentiated health from disease.

The brain’s electromagnetic field can be detected and measured by various devices, and electromagnetic fields have been shown to exist throughout the body.

Standing voltage gradients (electrical fields in the spaces between the cells) influence cell division, migration, and differentiation as well as the flow of electrical impulses traveling from neuron to neuron.

These micro electrical fields contribute to the greater electromagnetic field of the brain, which is believed to govern complex biological processes as well as influencing emotions, mental models (internal representations of self, world, and the relationship between the two), and behaviour.

While we still don’t have instruments that are sensitive enough to track how therapeutic changes in a person’s mental models correspond with changes in the brain’s electromagnetic field, all effective therapies presumably bring about such changes.

Where energy psychology protocols may be particularly useful is in their capacity to directly influence so-called “subtle energies.”



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