EFT – Dr. Dawson Church and Cortisol Reduction

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Another significant study was conducted by Dr. Dawson Church (www.eftuniverse.com), one of the world’s leading experts on energy psychology, and an EFT master in his own right. His study set out to determine how an hour-long tapping session would impact the cortisol levels of 83 subjects. For the sake of comparison, he also measured the cortisol levels of people who received traditional talk therapy, as well as the cortisol levels of those who received no treatment at all. The results were fascinating. The average cortisol reduction of those who experienced an EFT Tapping session was 24%, and even hit as high as 50% in some subjects. On the other hand, people who experienced traditional talk therapy or no treatment at all didn’t experience any significant cortisol reduction. In other words, they were just as stressed at the end of it all while those who tried tapping walked out with significantly less stress! This is but a handful of the research being conducted on EFT. These days, it seems as if a year doesn’t pass without the emergence of some great new science-based insight into why this technique is so very effective. It’s forcing naysayers to stand up, pay attention, and reconsider their disbelief about this wondrous modality.

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