Forgiveness is a wonderfull present you can give yourself for 2019

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Why ? Simply because forgiveness is essential for your HAPPINESS and WELL BEING.

Here are two good reasons :

– It strengthens your self-love and inner peace.
When you hold on to negative emotions from past experiences you’re hurting yourself, but when you release these emotions, you’re actually strengthening the love you have for yourself.
When you’re able to feel love for yourself, it is easier to feel more compassion for others and you feel lighter, as your mind is uncluttered.

– It creates a healthy body and mind.
Research has found that when you let go of grudges, you instantly reduce your blood pressure, you boost your immune system and you decrease your chances of heart disease!
You also experience less stress, you can sleep better and you have a better quality of life overall.

By freeing yourself from the burden of pain, hate and resentment, you’re becoming love




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