Help Kids & Teens Overcome Anxiety (workshop)

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How to Help Kids & Teens Overcome Anxiety and Build Their Emotional Resilience

A one hour workshop for Parents and Carers presented by Anne Siret, Counsellor and Applied Psychotherapist

Learn priceless strategies to help your children to calm their nerves, relieve their anxiety and, overcome emotional blocks to their success in exams, public presentations, performances and social settings. Self-empower children with a simple, effective tool they can use to give them the confidence to succeed!

In this workshop, Anne Siret certified EFT practitioner will introduce you to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) – a user-friendly Energy Psychology approach. You’ll learn:

  • How to use EFT to help kids to overcome typical childhood anxieties, such as performance anxiety, test-anxiety, social anxiety and excessive worry
  • How to combine EFT with other approaches for anxiety relief, such as cognitive strategies, relaxation techniques, mindfulness and deep breathing
  • How to teach kids to self-apply these techniques for anxiety self-help and stress relief

Empower your kids with this simple, effective anxiety-relief tool and set them up for life!

Anne Siret is a recognised mental health practitioner with extensive experience in helping people to overcome stress, anxiety and fear through her positive counselling. For more on Energy Psychology and Anne’s approach see:

Date:  Sundays 9 August or 13 September or 11 October or 28 November 2015

(Plus every month, during one hour, group work is facilitated by Anne Siret for people who would like to practice with their kids. Sundays 23/8 – 22/9 – 25/10 – 22/11 – 6/12/15)

Time:  3:30 to 4:30pm

Venue:  Classroom 2 – Forest Community Arts Centre (near the library). Forestville 2087 NSW

Fees:  $25/adult – $10/child

Bookings:  directly on Anne’s website workshop page

For any enquiry regarding this workshop feel free to contact Anne
M: 0410 396 914 or
E: or

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