How can we get inspired, excited and energised ?

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Do you think when you get through your to-do list, then you might have time to do something that inspires you… or are you so caught up in the daily grind that you feel you have no time to seek out newly inspiring experiences ??

But what is inspiration ? And what purpose does it serve ?

Here, my definition : inspiration is the state of being stimulated or moved to take creative or meaningful action. Feeling inspired means feeling energised, excited and courageous.

Inspiration empowers us to reach beyond our perceived limitations to make a positive difference to our lives and to the lives of others.

When I cross something off my to-do list, something else immediately takes its place… sucking me down no matter how much I try to escape.

In reality, incessant busy-ness is a state of mind. It’s a habit of thinking and it’s addictive. So, how can we break this habit and get inspired, excited and energised ?

The answer is embedded in the meaning of the word “inspiration“.

In medicine, “inspiration” means “the drawing in of breath“. In order to feel inspired we need to pause, take a breath and bring ourselves into the present moment. Only then do we give ourselves the chance to notice the jasmine plants in full bloom and the pleasure of eating home-grown tomatoes (prepared with avocado, feta and olive oil… soooo delicious !!). 

We are surrounded by opportunities to inject inspiration into our daily lives. What makes you feel inspired ? Reading special books/articles/posts ? Listening to music ? Ringing a good friend ? Engaging in an unusual activity ? Watching new films/documentaries/videos ? Meditating? Spending time in nature ? Writing ? …. Tapping or doing a round of EFT ?

Tapping have always been a wonderful way of breaking habits and infusing inspiration and energy into my life. And the difference this makes is always profound.

For exemple, last March using tapping, I decided to break the habit by doing something to throw me out of my routine. I take the decision to organise a Virtual Summit… << EFT in the Education >>… in French but with 3 or 4 conferences in English that I’ll have to translate into French !!

At first, I got inspiration from a post of Dr Peta Stapleton (EFT researcher and author) in which she was mentioning her next intervention in a Summit of a colleague from the UK. If you are interested to discover which one, click on the link here

Whatever it is, the content of this email or something else that makes you feel inspired, just do it !!

Feeling inspired makes a to-do list seem much less daunting and I guarantee you’ll get through it more easily and efficiently.





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I hope this post has been helpful. Please share with us your ways of breaking habits and infusing inspiration into your life… as well as your results – or any questions you may have – just in comment bellow.




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