How to tap on your dog’s/pets anxiety

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Did you know that many dog owners are now seeking help for their dogs who are suffering from anxiety?  It’s true.

There are even special collars marked ‘anxious dog’ so that strangers don’t stroke the dog without asking permission from the owner.

A dog who has been mistreated can cause anxiety and trigger the ‘fight or flight’ response.

Dogs don’t have the same memory recall as humans but tend to have ‘associated memories’ so that is where EFT can come in, even if you know or don’t know what caused the anxiety.

Here are some situations that might make dogs anxious :
  • Separation anxiety
  • New surroundings
  • Loud noises

Did you know you can surrogate tap for your dogs anxiety (or any animal for that matter) ?

To do this, focus all your attention on your dog and tap on the EFT points but instead of tapping for you, tap for your dog.

It would go something like…

“Although Rover feels scared when he hears loud noises, I send him love and peace”  and on the rest of the points you would tap “Rover is scared of loud noises” (detail what the actual noise is if you can).

If you know the origin of the fear/anxiety, then tap on that memory.

If a dog had been scared by fireworks for example, use that story as you tap for your dog.

Remember to keep yourself out of the way and only focus on your dog.

You can also tap on your dog’s body and the meridian points are shown in this chart below.



I used to use EFT on my cat THEO instead of surrogate tapping.

I’d tap on the top of his head, inner eye, outer eye, under his eye, under his nose.

Let us know in the comments if this works for your pet !!




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