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Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting is a new healing technique based on EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) created by Karl Dawson. It is drawing on the works of leading scientists in the field of Quantum Physics, the new Biology, epigenetic, trauma theory and the new discovery in brain science.
Matrix Reimprinting and EFT are new techniques which integrate the psycho-energetic nature of our reality.
They work by tapping on different acupuncture meridians of the body while tuning in with some emotions, body sensations or beliefs. As we couple a stressful trigger with the relaxation response produced by the tapping of the acupuncture points, a new response occurs and slowly the trigger loses its power. A deep transformation occurs, at the core level of our emotional brain, by passing our logic.
A vast majority of our difficulties stem from a lack of coherence within all the parts of ourselves.

There is a resistance, a misalignment in our intentions. Parts of us want something but another part objects and it often happens at an unconscious level (95% of our thoughts are unconscious). Matrix Reimprinting works specifically with these parts.

Bruce Lipton, former molecular biologist at Stanford University points out that 95% of disease comes from stress and 100% of stress comes from faulty beliefs.
With Matrix Reimprinting we can go back to the parts of ourselves which created and are holding these beliefs and transform them, restoring a healthy communication inside our internal family of parts.
EFT is great at removing traumatic events from our past, but it is sometimes leaving a void; with Matrix Reimprinting, we heal the past memories and leave a new memory in its place. So now when we conjure the old memories, it comes with a new energetic joyful imprint. Since we attract what is in the field, we are creating a whole new future. By healing our past, we are healing our future personally and collectively.
This brings us to a new adventure in transforming our lives which is easy and incredibly creative. It is releasing our vast human potential.