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Money stories are the beliefs we developed early in our lives about money and prosperity. We learn these mostly from our families. These early beliefs are what create our reality – including what we believe is possible.

Our subconscious mind adopts these long-held beliefs and this becomes the money story we believe to be true. Even when you have a deep desire and set goals to change your finances and have more abundance, you don’t seem to be able to make any progress. Something is holding you back.

Your money story can sabotage your plans for prosperity. To finally break free and reach the prosperity you seek – you will need to rewrite your Money Story.

Carole Emerson is giving below the 3 Steps to Rewriting Your Money Story :


The first step to getting to where you want to be financially it to get clear on what your money blocks are. Let’s answer the questions, “What thoughts do I have around my ability/decisions to have more money ?” “What are my money beliefs and thoughts ?” Once you’re clear on what’s going on inside of your head, let them go and start to open yourself and be willing to allow more money into your life.


The next step is to work on reprogramming your subconscious mind so that you can really align yourself with receiving what you want. The first step is to pay attention to the story when it comes up. Notice your thoughts. When you hear that negative story your subconscious mind is running – tell your mind that this is an old story, you are now replacing it with a new story. Reframe your thoughts with the new beliefs you are now adopting. Other ways to consistently reinforce your new story is to use financial abundance affirmations, meditation and guided visualizations.

You can record your new story in your own voice. Once you’ve recorded it, listen to it daily and really start to feel yourself opening up to receiving more… you’ll be surprised by what opportunities open up and situations occur once you begin to align yourself with what you want.

You have been running the old story that your subconscious mind believes for years. It will take repeated exposure to your new beliefs for your subconscious mind to adopt your new beliefs. Stick with it, you can change your mind!


Now that you are aware of your money story and how your beliefs about money have held you back, and you are reframing those beliefs to rewrite your money story, it is time for action. If your old patterns are not working, what different actions can you take? Look for opportunities to make small changes in flipping your money beliefs.

Congratulate yourself for making even the smallest changes. Notice how you feel now that you are taking action and building confidence in the new money story you are writing.

Don’t expect your story to change overnight. It took years for your money beliefs and patterns to be formed. It will take some time to change those patterns. Making small daily changes will lead you to your new story. So take time to review your progress periodically. See how far you have come!

You can do this! Every one of us deserves abundance.

Don’t let the stories you tell yourself keep holding you back from prosperity. Rewrite your story.


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