Tapping on feelings of loneliness during Xmas season

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Quite often, Christmas holidays can be an absolutely magical time…

But, unfortunately for many, this Xmas season are going to be a very stressful period. Feeling lonely during this time is common but this year more so because of the COVID distancing and lockdowns.

Tapping can relieve feelings of loneliness and bring back the holiday cheer. So, today I’m giving you a tapping script created by my colleague Sonal Pandey from Tap Easy that will help you do just that.

Tapping script :

Side of the hand: Even though I feel lonely and isolated, it’s like something is missing from the holidays this year, I acknowledge these feelings and I love and accept myself. (repeat 3 times)

Start of the eyebrow: It’s a lonely holiday season
Side of the eye: The streets are deserted
Under the eye: And loved ones miles away
Under the nose: Or even farther, just to be safe !!
Under the mouth: Holiday get-togethers stress me out
Collarbone: But this year, they are the very thing I’m missing !!
Under the arm: All the familiar traditions and celebrations
Top of the head: Something so comforting taken away !!

Start of the eyebrow: I wish I could spread the holiday cheer
Side of the eye: But there is so much suffering
Under the eye: So many lives lost and livelihoods ruined
Under the nose: It’s hard to keep a festive face
Under the mouth: This year, the holidays have a new meaning
Collarbone: Instead of giving a hug to show I care
Under the arm: I got to keep my distance to show I care
Top of the head: Instead of opening my arms for an embrace

Start of the eyebrow: I got to keep the communication open
Side of the eye: Remembering to give myself the gift of self-care
Under the eye: I resolve to look within to find peace and joy
Under the nose: The pandemic may put distance between us
Under the mouth: But it can’t break lifelong bonds
Collarbone: Even if we can’t be together at a table
Under the arm: We can still have a feast on Zoom
Top of the head: Happy holidays to one and all !!

It’s possible that you’ll find the wording in the tapping script negative. Know that while tapping, it is safe to use negative wording. That’s because we’re trying to clear such thoughts and feelings that are already there inside. We’re giving them a voice and clearing them out with simultaneous tapping.

Apart from the tapping script, here is another ressource that you can use to relax and raise your spirits through the holidays.

Enjoy !!



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