How can you change your brain ?

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In my last newsletter, you’ve discovered how inspiration could empower us to reach beyond our perceived limitations to make a positive difference to our lives and to the lives of others… and I’ve let you know how Tapping have always been a wonderful way of infusing inspiration and energy into my life.

Today, let me share with you one of the most exciting discoveries I’ve learned over the past 20 years : our thoughts and beliefs have an impact on what appears in our lives. This is something our ancestors understood but didn’t have the science to explain. And when we combine their ancient wisdom with the discoveries of modern science, we begin to see a powerful way to change how we solve problems, make decisions and live our lives.

As you certainly know, most of us live the majority of our lives in a state of primarily beta brain waves – aroused, alert, concentrated, but also somewhat stressed. When we lower the brain wave frequency to alpha, we can put ourselves in an ideal condition to learn new information, perform more elaborate tasks, learn languages, analyze complex situations and even be in what we call The Zone, a state of improved focus and performance

Part of this is because being the slightly decreased electrical activity in the brain can lead to significant increases in feel-good brain chemicals like endorphins, norepinephrine and dopamine. In his book Mind to Matter (books’ corner below), Dr Dawson Church explains how brainwaves (plus gamma) produce huge beneficial changes in our body. These include increased stem cell production, DNA repair, and telomere (longevity molecule) synthesis.

And one of the easiest approach to dramatically change your life for the better is using ancient techniques with technologies consciously and with repetition. Time and time again, people from all over the world have reported miraculous results —everything from lifting severe depression, unleashing extraordinary creativity, and awakening a living spiritual experience of life that produces compassion, wisdom, and authentic happiness. Truly incredible.

If you understand how sound and music actually change your brain waves, you can use this knowledge to alter your mental and physical performance states with laser accuracy.


Many people support their meditation practice using technologies such as powerful sound sessions combining the latest advances in psychoacoustics and energy medicine.  


But I want to make the point that consistency is critical. To change your life for the better takes time, patience, practice, and a constant willing attitude.

Are you willing to change your life for the better ???

If yes, please find below some free tools


And whatever it is, the content of this email or something else that makes you more consistant in a daily practice, just do it !!




In Mind to Matter, award-winning researcher Dawson Church explains the science showing how our minds create matter. Different intentions produce different fields and different material creations. The thoughts and energy fields we cultivate in our minds condition the atoms and molecules around us. When we have an intention, a complex chain of events begins in our brains. travel as electrical impulses along neural pathways. When neurons fire together they wire together, creating electromagnetic fields.
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I hope this has been helpful. Please share with me your ways of changing life… or any questions you may have – just comment on the blog here or on my Facebook page 🙂




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