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Have you ever wondered why some people have a seemingly endless supply of motivation, and some people struggle every day? I’d like to share some insight into the brain science behind motivation, and how you can discover what it could be called your “Big Why”.

What you have to know is that the source of your deepest motivations starts in your brain. Neurotransmitters spark chemical messages to keep you alert and on task. The pathway these neurotransmitters take as you contemplate decisions and actions helps you recognise that something important — good or bad — is about to happen, and place a value on your ideas.

Things like tapping, meditation, self-reflection and mindfulness can help stimulate those pathways in your brain. They can also help you gain clarity to identify and understand the ideas or goals that hold the deepest meaning to you, or your “Big Why”.

As soon as you are able to define your “Big Why”, your thoughts and actions will be filled with more purpose and meaning. You will feel calmer and make less mistakes. Most importantly, you will have the motive for action to make the transition from idea to action, from aspiration to achievement, in your personal, professional and spiritual life.

Now, what you can takeaway is:
Set a goal, but take the time to dig deep and find the intrinsic value of attaining that goal. This will drive the motivation to succeed and feel fulfilled along the way.


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