Reclaiming your inner power

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You want a simple life with plenty of money, but there are pressures at work, your partner is giving you a hard time, the kids drive you crazy, the boss is harassing you, and yes … so more contradictions to contend with. Do you know that what we call misfortune or a negative experience is any contradictions of the ego’s opinions ?? Emotional pain is all self inflicted. You can sit around and get emotionally and physically ill, or you can do something for it. It doesn’t make it pleasant, but once you can see it comes from the ego’s perspective, you can begin to heal.

But the questions are:
– How strong is your desire to heal ?
– Do you really want to become free and perceive the world in a different way ?
– Do you think you can let go of where you find yourself today ?

You don’t have to go over the TOP and walk away of everything. But you do have to have desire and, you will have to act to change things. You make the first move !!!

This inner power is something we all have, but you need to learn how to tap into it in creative and effective ways in your daily life.

It sits there, passively waiting for you to come and get it. So a part of the process is to reach up for it. Make the commitment to set you free !!

To become free and activate the infinite self, you have to agree to ditch the dogma of the ego for a more fluid and open approach. All negative energy comes from the perceptions and definitions of the ego.

One of the steps to claim power is to consider the importance of expanding your awareness. Most people, even though seemingly alive, exist in a surreal state somewhere between asleep and comatose. Your initial awareness comes from the 5 senses, as well as your reasoning, knowledge and logic. Then there is the awareness you acquire from experiences in the lifetime.

But beyond your normal awareness is a more subtle awareness which is an extrasensory perception (EPS). It’s operate at a very fast, highly subliminal level of energy. How it works ?

Once you accept that you are part of an infinite energy that is all things – inside all – it  follows that you are inwardly connected to all things … seen and unseen … here and not here … Nothing is really outside of you. Strange but true !!

Thus, you are connected to everything. Realising that, you can begin to place your awareness into things to discover how they feel. So, how do things feel ? How does this tree feel ? How does this situation feel ? Is it safe ? In looking at this reality in this way, you understand that you can push your consciousness into everything and figure out how it feels. These are the rudiments of an EPS.

Understanding that you are a feeling yourself, you have to grasp the idea that you can mentally direct your thoughts. You live inside a personal thought-form that reflects your actions and words – but it also reflects your hidden attitudes and feelings. Everything you say, every thought generates a minute subtle emotional response within you. Now consider the impact of your silent thoughts. What emotions do they create within you ? When those thoughts are projecting in your daily life, what effect are they having on what you see or on how your life comes to you ? Are those inner thoughts and feelings destroying your life, or are they building things up ? So, listen to your inner dialogue and watch your thoughts. Negativity kills you, never forget that. If you believe in lack, opportunities pass you by, someone steals your car, your your wallet falls out off your pocket.
Be aware that whatever you concentrate on, your empower. You are a magnet for energy as well as a projector of energy.

The first point of awareness is to discipline your mind, police your dialogue, and cut out any depreciating statement — especially ones that destroy your energy and make you sick. At first your mind will be very strong. When the mind offers you a negative thought, say to yourself, “ I don’t accept that negative energy. I don’t accept fear. I chose to be positivity.”

As well as policing your thoughts and dialogue, you will keep an eye on the quality of your associations and actions. Stay away from people who discriminate and deprecate, or those who do destructive actions. You don’t need to judge them. Make sure you run your life in a positive and honorable way. Treat people fairly.

The other thing you should watch is the hidden nature of your motivation. Most of our jealousy  and hatred and bitterness has its roots in childhood and our family of origin. Some of it comes from the competitive nature of our education system, which teach children to contest against others — praising them when for winning and looking down on them when they lose.

If you cannot figure it out yourself, go to find help with a professional counsellor. Most of our shadow side stems from fear. You do have to tackle the shadow.

Heightening your powers of observation in the external words assists you in becoming more aware of your internal, visionary self. You have to let go of that bad intellectual habit that says your ego-personality always know best.





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